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Michael Ekwemalor is an experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of consulting
in the oil & gas, power, and construction industry. He is still expanding and breaking new horizons,
with a passion for delving into even ever-challenging terrains with a high sense of determination and
He is a strong business development professional, skilled in Project Management, Critical thinking,
Build- Design Engineering, and strategic planning. As Chief Executive Officer of Mase Contractors,
Michael is responsible for leading the company in providing an exceptional construction experience for
clients, business partners, and employees. He developed an organizational culture for cross-functional
teamwork and result-oriented dogma.
He is a visionary who built a business around Integrity, Professionalism, and Accountability. Always
believes in meticulous and due diligence proclivity for effective service delivery, and adheres
In January 2018, he participated in Organizational Management Training at the International Builders
conference, Design and Construction Week in Orlando, Florida. He worked with Alfara Construction
Company during his course work where he received tremendous training. His quest for knowledge,
provided an elixir for having a multi-disciplinary background in Administration, Policy, Development,
management, and strategic leadership, making him a well-rounded CEO.
Ladies and Gentlemen, our awardee is certified by the Royal Institute for Chartered Engineers (RICE,
USA) in Civil Engineering, endorsed by the Global Engineering standard organization (GESO, Australia),
and a member of the High Authority Council of Arab Engineers (HACAE, UAE). He is also a certified
construction project consultant with a wealth of experience. This has been reflected in the various
professional services being rendered, where a unique signature of modern and trendy finishing suffices
The enviable innovative entrepreneur has several, community development initiatives and support
services to the community to his credit, including mentoring young and upcoming engineers on
leadership acumen. This is in line with his LinkedIn impact termed "Dear Engineer", dedicated to
raising and stirring the yearning for growth and industry uproar in the hearts of young and even older
Michael believes that “loving what you do is a key factor in building oneself, community, and the
nation". This belief has yielded his conference of an honorary doctorate award as Doctor of Science
(D.Sc) in Engineering Construction and Project Management by the European American University in
Panama City, Panama Republic as of November 2021, and the leadership training he is undergoing at
Saïd Business School (University in Oxford, England) as of November 2022.
The charismatic construction manager and Engineer's hobbies include coaching, mentoring, reading,
and playing basketball. He likes simple meals, with Beans porridge being his favorite. He is happily
Married and blessed with two children.

Michael Ekwemalor is a CEO with extensive experience in the oil & gas, power, and construction industries. He is skilled in project management, critical thinking, and strategic planning, and has a strong background in administration, policy development, and leadership. In January 2018, he participated in organizational management training in Florida, and later received certification from the Royal Institute for Chartered Engineers and endorsement from the Global Engineering Standard Organization.

As the CEO of Mase Contractors, Michael is responsible for leading the company in providing exceptional construction services to clients, business partners, and employees. He has created an organizational culture that emphasizes cross-functional teamwork and a focus on results. Michael is known for his integrity, professionalism, and accountability, and is committed to ensuring thorough and diligent service delivery.

In addition to his professional pursuits, Michael is involved in various community development initiatives and mentorship programs for young engineers. He has received an honorary doctorate in engineering construction and project management from the European American University, and is currently undergoing leadership training at Saïd Business School.